26 December 2004 The 9.1 magnitude earthquake w/ the religiously strategic epicenter off the coast of the “most Muslims” was not reported to have occurred on Christmas Day at Ground Zero w/ the 7:58 epicenter time & 230,000 non Christian dead because AA Flight 111 departed 7:58 September 11, 2001.

In each tweet again I correctly predict the #costliest natural disaster ever in detail by epicenter using another of the ten languages I used publishing it in before it then reportedly cost that quarter trillion dollars one day at the “June 15, 1896” epicenter.

The shortest way to say March 11, 2011 before it cost a quarter trillion dollars at the “June 15, 1896” epicenter is “June 15, 1896”. That is because the March 11, 2011 costliest day ever monetarily had a “June 15, 1896” magnitude at the “June 15, 1896” epicenter pushing “June 15, 1896” wave height as high as 38 meters demolishing precisely the same coastal areas of the same cities affected as “June 15, 1896” having the same “June 15, 1896” number of casualties. Maximum height of the tsunami was roughly the same in 2011 as it was on “June 15, 1896”, about 114 feet high at the village of Ryōri in Iwate Prefecture (today, Ōfunato-shi, Sanriku-chō, Ryōri)

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